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Muslims as trouble makers

Posted by Patrickj on September 10, 2010 at 4:31 PM

On Saturday, my wife and I often appreciate listening to the morning radio talk show on KBEAr. This past weekend may have been my last weekend to listen. Once again, Dan Miller was the host. I have heard him bashing mexican immigration, his solution to the problem: put up a wall and don't let any more mexicans in tech country, they don't work and want to live off of our hard earned dollar.

This past weekend, he again launched into one of his tirades. This time it was about Muslims. He states clearly, MUslims are trouble makers and the solution is to just not hire any of them. Don't hire Muslims. He re-chanted several times. 

This was just too nauseating and we had to turn off the radio and probably won't listen to it again on Saturdays while Major Dan Miller is host. 

Although both my wife and I were appalled by his lack of conscience, it is just as confusing to try to understand with all the anti hate attempts and talk that has been in Billings since the inception of NIOT, why the general public still tolerates and is entertained by Dan Miller and his overt hate comments on the radio.  I emailed the radio station and have gotten no response. It is almost as if no one notices this guy who is promoting hate among races right here in Billings, Mt. And he does it regularly and no one seems to care. As a matter of fact, he escalates an already volatile and dangerous problem. We have a population of Muslims, mexicans and others he degrades, right here in Billings. Is it because the general population is caucasian christians that no one cares? Is there anything NIOT can do to bring his antics to light? 

The solution to hate crimes is not to judge and become hateful, but rather to develop a more accepting community of kind and compassionate people. 

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