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Obama Supporter has something thrown through window....sound familiar???

Posted by niotbillings on November 11, 2008 at 9:08 PM

Another frieghtening account of Hate in Billings. It is also worthy of mentioning that late on October 31 the Billings Obama Campaign Headquarters had a masterlock thrown through one of their front windows.

I had two OBAMA campaign signs in my picture window because I heard the lawn types were being vandalized here in Billings.  So you wanna know what happened at 2 AM this past Sunday night?  I heard two loud thunderous noises in my front room so I ran to see what it was.  I actually thought someone had fired a shotgun into my house.  There was a tall white man, an adult, getting into a light beige or white PT Cruiser and he just calmly drove away after he broke my picture window.  I called the police and they also found that my car's back license plates had been bent.  It's scarey to think he walked close enough to my house to bend my license plates, grab something and break my window.  It seemed like he couldn't break it the first time so he tried again, that's why the two loud booms.  This was not a crazy teenage prank, I have no enemies that I know of, nor the rest of my family, I have grandchildren in my house and it was just scarey to think some adult took a deliberate and well thought-out action against me and my safety.  I felt violated and I was depressed and scared all the rest of the week. 


I am still delirious that Obama won, though.  We have hope now.

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