Not In Our 

Town Billings



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We envision an inclusive community free of hatred and intolerance, where every individual is affirmed and where differences are valued. 

Mission: Not In Our Town stands up against acts of hate and intolerance.

We educate ourselves, individuals, and organizations about issues of inclusion, diversity, and justice.

We facilitate courageous conversations.

We build a community of acceptance, respect, and love. 

The Beginning 

In 1993, Billings was rocked with a wave of hate crimes.  The residents of Billings, the faith community, government leaders, labor, and community  organizations pulled together to stand against hate and intolerance and to say:  "NOT IN OUR TOWN".  It was a movement that inspired a documentary series that has engaged communities around the world.  We are here to carry forth and advance that legacy.

The first step towards change is awareness. 

The second step is acceptance. 

Nathaniel Branden