Not In Our 

Town Billings



Not In Our Town Billings educates ourselves, individuals, and organizations about issues of inclusion, diversity, and justice. 

We facilitate courageous conversations. And help build a community of acceptance, respect, and love. 

Three Forms of Racism 

1. Individual racism is any attitude or action whether intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, which subordinates a person or group because of their color.

2. Institutional racism is any institutional policies, practices and structures in governments, businesses, unions, schools, churches, courts and law enforcement entities by which decisions are made as to unfairly subordinate persons of color while allowing other groups to profit from such actions.

       Example:  Housing patterns, segregated schools, discriminatory employment and promotion policies, racial profiling, inequities in health care, segregated churches, and educational curriculum which ignore/distort the history of minorities.

3. Culturaracism is the individual and institutional expression of the superiority of one group?s cultural heritage over another (arts, crafts, language, traditions, beliefs and values).


Moral, civic, and social aims of anti-racist education:

1.      Reducing racial stereotypes

2.     Learning respect for persons of different races

3.     Intervening in racist incidents

4.     Promoting interracial tolerance and understanding

5.      Recognizing one’s racial privilege and responding constructively to that recognition

6.      Committing oneself to making one’s local environment a more hospitable place for persons of all races

7.      Battling racial injustice


Borrowed from Lawrence Blum’s definition of “Racism” in Antiracist Education -